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Extra high strength, structural repair mortar

  • easy hand and spray application - easy to finish
  • fibre reinforced, low shrinkage and high strength for durability
  • vertical and overhead use in layers up to 50 mm

Nanocrete R4 - Download PDF

Flowable structural repair mortar

  • for structural concrete replacements up to 200 mm
  • for pourable or pumpable application
  • extra low shrinkage for durability

Nanocrete R4 Fluid - Download PDF

High build, lightweight, structural repair mortar

  • easy hand and spray application
  • polymer modified and fibre reinforced
  • for overhead, vertical and traffic repairs

Nanocrete R3 - Download PDF

Universal, fast setting, repair and levelling mortar

  • superb application properties - from 3 mm to 100 mm in one layer!
  • can be overcoated after only 4 hours
  • light grey colour to match concrete

Nanocrete R2 - Download PDF

Fast setting, polymer modified levelling mortar

  • creamy consistency, excellent application properties
  • for blowhole filling, feather-edging and small patch repairs up to 10 mm
  • time saving: overcoatable after only 4 hours

Nanocrete FC - Download PDF

Multi-use active reinforcement primer

  • single component - in re-sealable container
  • contains active corrosion inhibitor
  • can also be used as bonding slurry

Nanocrete AP - Download PDF